About Us

AgriUT Foundation Limited (AFL) is a Non-Profit Social Impact organisation that develops and delivers technology for good into the hands of these Last Mile people. The AFL works with like-minded members, corporations, and organisations that are already active in the Last Mile to foster technology-driven solutions to systemic problems; like world poverty, climate change, and inclusion (technology, finance, gender, etc.). AFL brings modern, high-impact technology into Last Mile communities to bring previously isolated farming communities into international markets, financial services, education, and health services – as well as connections to consumers in wealthy nations.

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The Foundation

The AgriUT Foundation’s mission is to create a globally scalable, distributed and incentivized system connecting millions of international consumers to remote farmer communities through direct interactions, and in doing so, enable farmer community awareness. To this end, it will actively create a community of likeminded organisations and individuals that contribute to the AgriUT ecosystem and support the growth of smallholder farmers worldwide.

Through the sale of AgriUT tokens, the Foundation will build and maintain a pool of assets which will be invested into social impact projects or other services that serve to support smallholder farming communities and that grow the AgriUT ecosystem.

The Utility Token

The AgriUT token is designed to facilitate and promote farmer appreciation in the form of Agriwards and to drive the economic development of smallholder farming communities around the world.

There will be a fixed supply of AgriUT minted at the token generation point with a portion of those tokens available to purchase in bundles during the pre-sale.

Tokens purchased in the pre-sale will be subject to a lockup period preventing transfer of ownership except in the form of Agriwards, which will be encourage by allowing tokens to be unlocked early for those who meet the minimum Agriwards requirements.

The Team


paget hargreaves

Chief Executive Officer

Paget Hargreaves, CEO of AgriUT Foundation, grew up around Asia where he witnessed firsthand the hardships faced by farmers in the last mile. Paget has over 25 years’ experience in infrastructure, agri-tech, water and energy across the UK, Asia, and Australia. His focus is to advocate for sustainability and global wealth and health distribution.

During his years in business as a director of Sundrop Farms (Australia) and more recently for Asterion Cannabis, he has seen the difference technology can make for agribusinesses. He believes it is the most efficient way to scale up. His focus is enabling these types of projects to happen. Both projects were global first in terms of alternative thinking and taking what we had and scaling it up.



Keith has 15+ years background in Investment Banking IT. He also delivers mission-critical global services to the highest level of expectations possible (Quantitative high-frequency trading, settlement and regulatory systems, client-facing ATM and public internet banking); and has extensive experience managing global teams of elite professionals to design, build, support, and optimise all aspects of service delivery.

Keith is also training in Trustee and Fiduciary services to facilitate comprehensive and secure life solutions for friends, family, and people he cares about.

Dr. Stewart McGlashan


Dr. Stewart McGlashan is an experienced professional operating in a global capacity within agribusiness, food, energy and environmental sectors. He also has qualifications in governance, engineering, business, and complex project development; and background in energy, clean-tech, fintech and intensive agricultural productions systems, mostly in Australia, North America and East Asia. He has been actively involved in these sectors for over a decade as an inventor, investor and business manager.

vince pizzica

Board member

Vince is an ICT and Media Executive with 30 years of versatile senior leadership experience spanning corporate development, operations and technology. He is always looking for ways to optimise processes, services and products, and his background  includes recent success in strategy consulting as well as C-suite roles at multibillion-euro global corporation, Technicolor SA (formerly Thomson SA).

Advisory board

K&L Gates

Headquartered in the US, with offices on five continents and with offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, K&L Gates was one of the 15 Australian firms named on Australasian Lawyer's 2020 Innovative Law Firms list at the forefront of innovation.  

Antonio Grasso

Founder and CEO of Italian startup Digital Business Innovation Srl, Antonio is regarded as one of the top digital transformation influencers and researchers on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and sustainability.

Ian Bell

Over 20 years of extensive international marketing experience, working across consumer electronics and FMCG, culminating in founding a thriving consulting network. Significant success in disrupting the marketplace through groundbreaking creativity and innovation.

Agrigata Partnerships Team

aysegul kayahan

30+ years sales, marketing and change management; 20+ years company director; 12+ years angel investor.


20+ years in project management, start-up business development and board roles. 


10+ years in strategy and data analyst; expert developer of models to inform key business decisions.


10+ years undertaking complex project management; 5+ years in impact marketing and media.


david davies

30+ years fintech leadership; 2 startup tech exits.


20+ years experience in global, core banking applications.


30+ years in grassroots development; founder large​ Indonesian NGO.


10+ years in ICT and sustainable development leadership.

mark tsang

25+ years funds management IT leadership; completing master in sustainable development.


15+ years in internationaland large-scale development programs.


It is with great pleasure that we bring you a digital reward Utility Token that powers sustainable development of smallholder farmers worldwide. The AgriUT utility token powers the AgUnity platform and flows between farmers, producer organisations, AgUnity and other organisations that make up the AgriUT ecosystem.

Learn more about the AgriUT Solution in our detailed whitepaper.





The AgriUT token has been created on the Celo platform using a combination of a smart contract and AgriUT APIs to govern the behaviour of the token.

As a digital reward token, AgriUT powers the transactions on the established AgUnity platform serving farming communities while the AgUnity platform is the ecosystem that gives AgriUT its utility and adoption – both supported by the Celo network.

Celo was selected as the blockchain platform of choice based on their robust technical features and close alignment to our company vision.



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