Consortium Partners

A consortium of partners dedicated to the pursuit of smallholder farmer wellbeing will be actively created, promoted and supported by the Foundation. Consortium members may include Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), development organisations operating with smallholder farmers, food organisations in the same supply chains with smallholder farmers, philanthropic organisations, development banks or food producer organisations which constitutes AgriUT’s primary network of users. Each member of the consortium will contribute to sustaining and growing the AgriUT ecosystem.

Consortium members will contribute to the AgriUT Foundation’s objectives and the AgriUT ecosystem by: expanding the AgriUT user base, contributing ideas towards the utility and adoption of AgriUT, expanding the consortium membership and voting on the inclusion of new member organisations.

New members accepted into the consortium will be gifted a bundle of AgriUT to initiate their chosen loyalty programs or other AgriUT use-case to prove the efficacy of AgriUT. The gift is accompanied with an agreement to purchase additional AgriUT after the initial gift is used.

It is expected that the Consortium will grow in membership over time and will establish specific working groups to advise the Foundation on various topics such as product development roadmap, acquisition of new members and general consortium development, all to be taken into consideration by the Foundation Board.

Interested in becoming a Consortium Member?

Each partnership discussion and arrangement is bespoke and dependent on that potential partner's own requirements so each arrangement put in place will be through private discussion with the Foundation Board.

Please tell us more about you and we will be in touch to explore potential collaborations for impact.

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