Revolutionising Philanthropy

AgriUT Foundation achieved global first with charity status and DGR appointment.

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Building Relationships with the Australian Government

AgriUT Foundation's CEO visit's Canberra to meet with the Assistant Foreign Affairs minister to explore how Australia can support the farmers and fisherfolk in the Pacific Islands. This has led to further ministerial-level introductions and we look forward to pursuing this mission in 2023.

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AgriUT Foundation is seeking a consortium of impact-driven partners dedicated to the pursuit of smallholder farmer wellbeing

Together we can bring previously isolated farming communities into international markets, financial services, education, health services and more.

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Introducing AgriUT Conversations Podcast

A space where inspirational leaders meet to discuss the challenges and solutions our planet and people face today. We intend to capture these conversations to increase awareness, encourage engagement and inspired others to follow in the steps of these leaders who strive to make the world a better place.

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AgriUT Foundation

Accelerating the agriculture development economy with sustainable tokenomics

The AgriUT Foundation is an independent, not for profit entity with the vision for a transparent and fair global ecosystem where positive social and environmental impact projects benefit from digital inclusion and have direct access to resources needed to build sustainable solutions to solving some of the most challenging issues our world faces today.

In July 2021 the Foundation created the AgriUT token which the public, consumers and corporations alike can acquire for 1c and donate directly to smallholderfarmers in poverty and distress, in real time with no fees. A global first in itself. The smallholder farmers can then use the token for goods (i.e farming equipment) and services (i.e crop insurance) through their co-op and the Foundation builds cash reserves to invest in approved impact investments, be that a water filtration system, solar lighting and in time a new school, road or medical facility.

We are on a mission to change the world of small holder agriculture through smart technology and community focused solutions.

How? By bringing direct support to today’s excluded communities, while building tomorrow’s sustainable last mile economy through building a financial operating system for sustainable development.

AgriUT aims to address the impacts of digital and financial exclusion on last mile communities by creating a global, peer-to-peer non-cash payment ecosystem that connects benefactors, communities, markets, investments and sustainable development opportunities with last mile farmers.

Our long-term vision is to be the financial operating system for sustainable development.  



Smallholder farmers worldwide face a number of challenges.

They lack income diversity and are often dependent on the income derived from a single crop.

They experience poor economic geography including small market size and large distances between internal and export markets.

Their agricultural environment is degrading with poor soil quality, pests and crop disease all acting to reduce yields.

Climate change brings extreme weather conditions of drought and flood affecting crop viability. A lack of suitable infrastructure such as financial services, technology services, transport and processing facilities limit progress. International price volatility of produce severely impacts farmers. The many and varied challenges they face result in a precarious existence.



Economies are complex ecosystems with a multitude of participants, goods and services, challenges, restrictions, opportunities and external forces.

Point solutions to the many challenges faced by last mile economies are unlikely to succeed in creating a flourishing community as they fail to consider the ecosystem as a whole and, at best, may solve for one issue while inadvertently exacerbating others.

AgriUT adopts a systems thinking approach to consider the entire last mile community economy and how a digital platform of trust can incentive positive behaviour and promote social and financial inclusion to bring about economic prosperity for neglected communities.

AgriUT supports the “triple bottom line” of sustainable development - economic, social and environmental prosperity.




AgriUT Foundation (Non-Profit)
Defines and promotes the AgriUT ecosystem for the benefit of remote farmers communities.

Delivers last mile technology solutions to farmers by deploying smartphone technology supporting the AgriUT ecosystem.

Manages the supply of tokens that are used by AgriUT benefactors.


promotes a decentralised and interconnected approach to economic development for remote communities to enable economic self-determination. Where the larger, country-based economy has excluded last mile communities, the AgUnity micro-economy platform enables these communities to build their own local economy.

The AgUnity Platform

allows the individual challenges faced by specific communities to be addresses by matching the correct suppliers to meet the specific demands and through the flexibility of customisation. Innovation is a necessary part of economic development and local innovation contributes to the specific needs of local communities. AgUnity "hackathons" provide local innovators and entrepreneurs the opportunity to integrate their specific knowledge and experience in creating technology that addresses unique challenges.

The AgUnity modern technology platform allows farmers to connect with agricultural suppliers, financial service suppliers, buyers, other service providers and donors to transact in a safe and trustworthy manner. It brings international markets and remote farmers together and provides economic opportunity to last mile communities.

transact offline
create trust
grow their business
access inputs

The AgUnity platform is composed of

Low-cost smart phones in the hands for farmers
AgUnity SuperApp
Marketplace for buyers and suppliers to transact
Co-op management system
Supply chain “trace and Trace” capabilities based on blockchain
Transaction record keeping based on blockchain
Data capture and discovery capability
The AgriUT token is a smart utility token for non-cash payments of transactions within the AgUnity platform. It reduces friction and costs associated with traditional cash transactions and can be configured to incentivise positive behaviour from participants through “tokenomics”.

AgriUT pursues the environmentally sound and sustainable economic prosperity of last mile communities worldwide while respecting cultural connections to land and agriculture by:

Increasing trust between parties
Creating financial and social inclusion
Improving decision making through data collection
Incentivising positive behaviours through sustainable “tokenomics”


AgriUT started life as a reward token to foster connectivity from consumer to producer and to immediately start farmers toward economic prosperity through the digital power of an AgUnity smart phone and platform.

Consumers and organisations can ignite the sustainable economic processes with the initial farmer reward.

Agriwards has delivered 403,000 reward tokens to 168 farmers, of which 23 farmers have reached the maximum amount. Congratulations to our early adopters who have directly enabled digital inclusion for these farmers as they now own their phone.



AgriUT Tokens have been sent to the farmers


have reached maximum


farmers have got some amount or maximum
reward a farmer today

However, the potential is much more than rewards alone.
The AgriUT and AgUnity platform combined offer last mile communities:

Reduced costs of transacting when compared with cash and removes the physical safety risks of carrying and storing cash.
Low cost financial services of banking, savings, insurance and credit for remote communities where traditional banking services have not reached. [AgriUT aims to address the impacts of digital and financial exclusion on last mile communities by creating a global, peer-to-peer non-cash payment ecosystem that connects benefactors, communities, markets, investments and sustainable development opportunities with last mile farmers.]
A digital marketplace for suppliers to offer last mile communities the goods and services they need and a low fee, non-cash payment token (AgriUT) to stimulate trade. These goods and services could be agricultural products of seeds and fertiliser, home solar kits, financial services (mentioned above), farming information eg weather and market prices, etc.  
A method to be rewarded and incentivised for the data farmers create. This data has value to suppliers and can be used to provide more accurate and appropriate services eg credit and insurance. AgriUT can be used as a reward to farmers to incentives the collection and sharing of this data.
An incentive mechanism of AgriUT tokens that promote positive behaviour such as regenerative agriculture, engaging in education programs or data collection.
Eventually, the AgriUT token can be taken outside of the AgUnity platform to act as a last mile community payment token that addresses the shortcomings of cash and stimulates economic activity within the community. [Accelerating the agriculture development economy with sustainable tokenomics]

The AgUnity platform and AgriUT also offers:

AgriUT can be used as a loyalty program for consumer products to attract and retain the consumer customer base by incentivising customers to collect AgriUT through their products and rewarding farmers.
The ability to Track and Trace supply chain transaction in prove provenance and providing real-time data for supply chain management.
The opportunity to support sustainable development projects that contribute to a corporations CSR or ESG reporting.
A method for sellers to reach the last mile community markets through a digital marketplace
The collection of valuable data with which to more accurately tailor product offerings and meet demand.
For corporations to offer employees and means of “social giving” and to foster positive social and environmental impact.
[AgriUT will be positioned as an innovative, differentiating way to directly invest in social impact projects and circulate wealth in last mile communities with transparency and audibility through the blockchain.]

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