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AgriUT Foundation is an Australian non-profit company.

The foundation is governed by

a board of independent directors and has created the AgriUT token.

The Utility Tokens rewarded to farmers

are agriculture-focused tokens that power the sustainable development of smallholder farmers worldwide.  

Reward a Farmer

AgriUT is a digital token that powers sustainable development of smallholder farmer communities worldwide. It enables farmer product traceability through sophisticated but accessible, trustworthy technology.

A globally scalable, distributed, token incentivised system that engages millions of international consumers through direct, socially conscious interactions and the means to reward farmer communities that grow our food. It is a real-world solution to addressing the core challenges that smallholder farmers face - it ensures that they are paid fairly for their services, while allowing them to make meaningful connections with the people that use their products.



Smallholder farmers worldwide face a number of challenges.

They lack income diversity and are often dependent on the income derived from a single crop.

They experience poor economic geography including small market size and large distances between internal and export markets.

Their agricultural environment is degrading with poor soil quality, pests and crop disease all acting to reduce yields.

Climate change brings extreme weather conditions of drought and flood affecting crop viability. A lack of suitable infrastructure such as financial services, technology services, transport and processing facilities limit progress. International price volatility of produce severely impacts farmers. The many and varied challenges they face result in a precarious existence.



The AgUnity and AgriUT missions are intertwined and complementary with the common objective to improve the wellbeing of smallholder farmers in developing nations.

AgriUT powers the transactions on the AgUnity platform that serve farming communities while the AgUnity platform is the technology that gives AgriUT its utility and adoption.

Farming communities where the AgUnity platform is already established, used and trusted, provide a ready-made market for AgriUT tokens.

In these communities farmers are experienced at using the AgUnity phones, apps and marketplace and AgriUT becomes immediately useful.

AgriUT tightly integrates with the AgUnity platform to provide the transaction utility necessary to promote economic activity. AgriUT makes transactions frictionless by the virtues of its instant, encrypted, trusted, zero-fee, digital transactions.

The introduction of the AgUnity smartphone into farming communities is a pivotal point in the progress of those communities as it is the gateway into digital development.

In this symbiotic relationship, the AgUnity / AgriUT ecosystem grows together and collectively empowers more farming communities through inclusion.

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How it works

AgriUT utility can be applied in a multitude of situations. Imagination is the only limit. The first use is for rewarding the undervalued farmer that grew the coffee we love to drink.

A coffee company, wanting to implement a customer loyalty program based on rewarding the smallholder farmer that grew the coffee, purchases AgriUT and associates a small amount to each bag of coffee sold at the supermarket.

Once the consumer has purchased the coffee, they can scan a QR code inside the bag which displays details about the coffee origins, the farmer that grew it and the producer organisation that supports them. The consumer has the option to automatically forward the full AgriUT reward to the farmer or hold some for later rewarding.

Over time, the farmers that receive AgriUT can build up their balance and use it to make purchases on the AgUnity digital marketplace. These may include items such as an AgUnity smartphone, AgUnity subscription, home solar kit or other farming goods as they become available. It’s that simple.

As acceptance grows, AgriUT will extend its reach to include more farming communities and more coffee brands followed by other products such as chocolate, grains and beauty items.

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