Is blockchain the technology that will change history and generate the biggest social impact of our time?


Every day new projects are born that seek to improve society or focus on finding solutions to the social conflicts that concern the vast majority of us. These ideas generally arise from creative minds seeking transformation and innovation. Many organizations consider problems as opportunities and through these they apply creative thinking that leads them to innovate and positively impact their societies.

We are currently experiencing a great technological revolution, bringing new challenges and solutions with it. Technology is easily one of the most widespread and profound vehicles for change in the social impact space and the greatest examples of this tech often help us adapt more quickly to the changes overall!

An example of this is Blockchain: a public, digital and secure record book of transactions, which allows space for transparency and recording solutions that were not possible before. At this point there are many people speculating on the impact Blockchain will have across all industries, even between people, societies and interpersonal relationships. This type of technology has the potential to transform entire systems and the initiatives that comprise the cryptocurrency phenomenon are becoming more and more efficient.

AgriUT Foundation is a case study for companies that seek to generate social impact through blockchain. Its mission is based on “creating a globally scalable, distributed and incentivized system that connects millions of international consumers with remote farming communities through direct interactions and, in doing so, grows awareness of the last mile farming community”.

Through the sale of tokens called AgriUT, the Foundation will build and maintain a set of assets that will be invested in impact projects and services that support the agricultural communities of small holder farmers, making the AgriUT ecosystem grow.

This differentiates it from other cryptocurrency projects as it seeks to promote the economic development of communities of farmers around the world, connecting the last mile of the global food supply chain with the consumers of their products and new markets, through an economic model that is possible because of technology and blockchain.  

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